Booking Enquiries

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Wedding Bookings

Coverage starts at $3,500 for up to 8 hours

Weddings are an individual thing, so rather than throw random numbers around, let's have a coffee and a chat about your plans, and how I can help make sure the story is captured in a natural, candid, and timeless way. My goal is to portray people in their most beautiful light, and I'm passionate about ensuring my wedding stories reflect that.


Fashion & Portraiture

I love the challenge of reading a face, and trying to capture the unique story behind it. Whether I'm shooting an advert for Harpers Bazaar, or creating a model portfolio for Vivien's Models, my work is driven by my passion to let the personality shine through. 

I don't have a set rate for my fashion & portraiture work. Just let me know what you would like to achieve, and we can get talking about our exciting new collaboration. 


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Music & Events

I love buzzing around an event and capturing the story of the day. Whether it's back stage at an album launch with Aria winners All Our Exes, getting my sweat on in and amongst the runners at City To Surf, or snapping your CEO's keynote speech at the annual conference, with adrenaline as my fuel, I'm in my element. Feel free to call me and throw your project ideas my way. You never know, if it's something that piques my interest, I might do it for free! I've been known to be persuaded by good food and good company. Oh, and the odd Long Island Iced Tea doesn't hurt either.