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Rice farmer? Fisherman? Cyclo driver?

Ever since my folks made the life-changing decision to ditch all their worldly possessions and leave their beloved, war-torn Vietnam, I've wondered. If I'd stayed, what would I have grown up to be. I'm reliably informed, karaoke singer is out of the question! Three decades on, via London, California, and Osaka, I find myself truly living the dream down under, in the most amazing city in the world, Sydney. 

The variety of the assignments I take on is what stimulates me in my photographic work. I love the challenge of coaxing out the right look or expression in a fashion portrait shoot, or nailing the perfect, intimate moment between the bride and groom at a wedding. I love working with people, and portraits are my passion. I'm a morning person at heart, and my favourite spot to take in sunrise in Sydney is at Mahon Ocean Pool, where I can breathe in mother nature, take a snap if I'm in the mood, or more importantly, have a dip in the pool as the sun slowly paints the sky with light. Obviously, followed by one of Sydney's greatest bacon & egg rolls at the Pool Café!

When I'm not shooting, you'll find me hanging out with my amazing family, falling off my surfboard, or kicking the round ball around with a bunch of equally deluded individuals who still think we can cut it. 

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